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Who is F.A.I.R.E© for?

F.A.I.R.E© is a method to support and coach entrepreneurs. This method is intended for entrepreneurs and professionals working with entrepreneurs. It allows entrepreneurs to know their profiles, and it allows coaches to fine-tune their support according to the entrepreneur's profile.

Why the name F.A.I.R.E.?

F.A.I.R.E.© is an acronym for each of the 5 key components of entrepreneurships and the 5 “types” of entrepreneur. The meaning of the word faire in French also refers to the philosophy behind the method: it means “to make”, “to do” and, here, it asks how best to take action.

Who is behind F.A.I.R.E.?

F.A.I.R.E.© was designed by Epigo, a consulting firm specializing in business creation. You can learn more about it here.

Will I know if I'm cut out to create a company?

We believe there is no single entrepreneur profile or personality trait. That's why we created F.A.I.R.E.©: whether it's by choice or by necessity, more and more people are creating their own company; we believe discovering one’s entrepreneurial style is a key factor for success. Thus, everyone can long as they use their own abilities well!

How much does it cost? ?

We sell F.A.I.R.E.© at a single price of 45.00 €

I am a consultant

I coach entrepreneurs. How can I use this tool?

F.A.I.R.E.© can help you fine-tune your support. By registering on the site and subscribing to one of our packages, you will be trained on how to administer the questionnaire to entrepreneurs and how to debrief them afterwards. F.A.I.R.E.© is a method that focuses mainly on the—rarely addressed—question of entrepreneurial attitude. It does not replace existing methods or technical expertise but allows to adapt one’s coaching to the entrepreneur.

I work with entrepreneurs, is F.A.I.R.E. supposed to replace my other methodologies?

F.A.I.R.E.© is intended to complement existing coaching approaches. Based on the observation that there is no such thing as a single best way to start a business, it aims to support the entrepreneur in defining their attitude, their personal style: what are their core beliefs, their areas of strength, and the areas they are less invested in.

What is the added value of F.A.I.R.E compared to other methods for coaching and creation? ?

F.A.I.R.E.© is the only method (we think!) that focuses on the issue of entrepreneurial attitude, taking into account the entrepreneur's beliefs, skills and preferences. It is not intended to replace other methods but to provide a new perspective, ensuring greater project efficiency.

How much does it cost?

Contact us to obtain the price list and a proposal adapted to your needs.